Live The Experience: For L&D

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Organizations require adaptability and newness in their people to progress and ace. Lack of resilience can make people resist change. Our programs create an opportunity for self-challenge and bring the joy of accomplishment required to deliver the best. 


Tasks and thrills are formulated and designed considering the various levels of age and agility of the participants. They can be accomplished together as a team or people can come back for repeat participation for the next level based on their previous scores. 
Participants may want to experiment with a new skill each time. Companies may also aim to enhance a specific skill set in its manpower by repeated participation at various ascending levels. 
Either way, the objective is to bring back a victorious participant whose mind and body have conquered. A team that comes back with a feeling that " It's All Possible". 
Shared below are a few examples from our " Living the Experience" series:

RESEARCH (from neighbouring Tanzania) to the Maasai Mara in Kenya, in search of food and water supply. Those undocumented migrants are followed along their annual, circular route by hungry predators, most notably lions and hyenas.

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